Caimi Law Corporation maintains a special practice area in Philanthropy, including Charities, Non-Profits, Foundations, other 501 entities, and related endeavors:

1. Experienced with unique litigation issues and disputes that Charities face.

2. Effective General Counsel services.  Experienced counsel for Foundations and other structures for Public Benefit.  Cost control is also a key element.

3. Internal Controls and Audit Procedures including close relationships with established accountants, investigators, forensic computer experts, and related professionals.

“It’s rare when a highly accomplished attorney steps back from his business clients to support the needs of community non-profits. August Caimi not only provides excellence in his craft, but does so at a rate lower than standard. His knowledge and skill set are superior with a calm communication style that manages the fears of staff and board alike. His straight no-nonsense approach to the challenge ensures the best opportunity for a positive result.” – Chris Johnson, CEO, major charity established 1922.

Caimi Law Corporation proudly maintains an Of Counsel relationship with Seton & Associates, among the finest and most experienced counselors to Charities in the United States:

“Over a decade of experience forming and advising thousands of nonprofit organizations has made the firm’s top priority providing counsel to nonprofits specifically relating to compliance with the governing rules and regulations. Maintaining an organization’s policies and procedures that adapt to frequently changing regulations and best practices, the legal team regularly reviews and updates these materials for clients to ensure proper compliance, while maximizing the capacity and influence of the charity. The firm regularly speaks on the viability of restructuring in the nonprofit sector, along with ways to overcome the fear and uncertainty of pursuing such an arrangement. Kent Seton co-authored the article Strategic and Legal Considerations of Nonprofit Integrations to further raise awareness on the matter.” For more information:

Representative clients include National, State and Local Charities and Foundations of all sizes.