“Mr. Caimi is a dedicated and skilled mediator. In our case, the parties were at an impasse and headed to what would have surely been a lengthy and expensive trial. Mr. Caimi’s talent as a mediator allowed the parties to work through the impasse and reach a settlement. Because of Mr. Caimi, both parties were able to efficiently resolve the dispute and avoid the uncertainty of trial. In the future, I will recommend Mr. Caimi again as a mediator for any of my cases.”
– John Hamilton, Esq.

Mr. Caimi is an experienced Mediator in a broad range of legal areas. His service as a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge (temporary), and over 20 years of Mediation experience and training, facilitate very successful mediations. His interest in alternative dispute resolution began in Law School, where he studied settlement theory and techniques including William Ury’s “Getting to Yes,” and others.

Mr. Caimi has been a member of the Superior Court Mediation panel since the early days of its inception, and he can be found on the Superior Court Website’s panel of experienced mediators. He and his firms have participated in cases around the globe, in aspects ranging from Insurance and Business disputes, Employment, Workers Compensation, Real Estate and Broker disputes, and most other areas of Civil disputes.

Mr. Caimi uses various means to settle cases including both evaluative and facilitative techniques. He participates vigorously and tirelessly to illuminate the best alternative to litigation. He is willing to travel to locations convenient for the parties. He has flexible parameters for mediation briefs: commonly each party submits a short brief and any operative pleading desired. Damages calculations are encouraged to be estimated in advance.

Mr. Caimi supports the Mediation with telephone calls as needed, often with conference calls with all counsel.